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I want to become vegetarian…

Hey everyone. I would really enjoy if some vegetarians could answer this article.

I don’t eat a lot of meat, there are actually a lot of animals I don’t eat, but I still eat a bit of meat, and I don’t like it. I would like your opinions about meat and how to suppress it completely from ones nutrition. I have to say (in my defense :p) that I never could become vegetarian because of my parents. Not because they are mean or something ^^ They don’t eat so much meat neither, but because when they cooked it I had to eat it and so I never could become a veggie. Since a month now I am living on my own in a really little studio and I realized I could finally try it out. I love animals and my conscience makes me feel guiltier and guiltier every time I eat some… but the problem still is when I go home (week-ends or holidays)… ! So now it is your turn to tell me something ! Are you vegetarian? If not do you eat a lot of meat ? Is eating fish, being vegetarian or not, in your opinion? Thank you for your attention :P

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